A Welcome Home

Please take a seat. St Luke’s is embarking on a larger project to make our building more welcoming, more accessible, and more restful to be in.


One-quarter of a million people will sit in our building over the next 10 years.

St Luke’s is not just a building -- it’s us and the beautiful work Jesus is doing in Kentish Town through his people. We are welcoming people into His love and into our family -- and into our family’s “house” if you will.

We need to invest in our home so that it remains a place of welcome. The first step we are taking on this longer journey is to replace our chairs.

There has been a lot of thought taken in the 'what' and the 'why' of our chairs. If you would like to know more information you can read that here.

Will you consider funding your own chair – as well as the chair you’d like to see your friend in?

Jesus calls us to hospitality: to welcome the stranger, to share who He is, to “not give up meeting together”, to love each other so much that everyone knows we are his disciples. And maybe one of those people is your friend. If each of us who gather on a Sunday bought our own chair, we would have this covered!

"Why are they so much?", "What's wrong with the ones we have?" - we recognise that you may well have lots of questions, click below where hopefully we have addressed any question you might have.


Help fund our other building projects for free!

If you Gift Aid your donation, we’ll be able to claim an extra 25% from the government. This will go towards funding our other building projects. As we are unable to claim Gift Aid until the end of the tax year (April 2019), we can use it to offset the cost of the chairs later. This will mean we’ll have more money for more building projects. If you can Gift Aid, please do!