God’s way for our resources

Bags of Gold is a two week course. We’ll spend 2 hours together exploring questions like:

  • How does God see money?

  • What is God’s calling on our resources?

  • How can I manage better what God has entrusted me with?

In all this, we will speak to ourselves Jesus’ comforting command:
’Do not worry.’

For some that may be struggling financially, this is something that you need to actively choose to let into your souls, that God will provide for your needs. For others, this needs to be a reminder that your job and your financial well-being are gifts from God, not a result of your efforts. We hope the time you spend at Bags of Gold will be part of the provision of God.

Is this course for me?

Everyone is welcome to attend, but particularly if…

  • You’re finding your finances are tricky to manage and need some support.

  • You want to grow in your understanding of how your finances can play an important role in God’s kingdom.

3 & 10 March 2019
3:45 Pm

St Luke’s Meeting Room
7 Dowdney Close

The entire course is £10, but please do be in touch if this proves a challenge. Please sign up to ensure we have enough materials (and snacks) for everyone.