our heart is that st luke's is full of people whose lives are being increasingly centred on jesus. that's where our vision begins. It's the foundation everything else is built upon.

We see discipleship working itself out in three spheres - individual, small group, and large community. On the individual level we encourage Form, the small group level we have hubs, and the large community level happens every Sunday through our gatherings.


We have committed as a church to spending regular time in God's presence through Form, inviting him to fill us by his Spirit, and use us to see his kingdom come in the world. As we do that, we are formed more into his image.

We encourage you to devote yourselves to three daily practices, as simple ways of being formed by jesus and towards the image of Jesus. Grab a card from church to be reminded each day. And as God changes you and those around you through it, we'd love to hear the stories - email them to us at form@slkt.org.uk



We believe that our transformation happens in community. It's as we gather around a table with friends who become family, that we can find the support, challenge, and encouragement we need to grow as disciples and be stretched in our faith. 

Hubs are our midweek communities, which we encourage everyone to be part of. They meet throughout the week and all over North London, and provide a place to belong in a frantic city. 



Our Sunday gatherings bring the whole church family together for worship, celebration, teaching, and prayer ministry. It's here that our gaze can be lifted, we can come alongside the full range of the church family in all its diversity, and be encouraged as we hear how God is working amongst us.

It's also a key place for us to serve one another, following Jesus' example of pouring himself out for the benefit of those around him, and working with him o see those around us blessed.